Image:  Coast Equipment & Services Company offers compact, high performance material handling systems from design to installation for the plastics industry Image: Coast Equipment & Services Company · Compact, high performance material handling systems from design to installation for the plastics industry · 302-337-3778
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Installation Image:  Silo InstallationOur experienced, non-union craftsmen can perform complete installation for blending, conveying, drying, feeding, grinding and material storage.
Our Services Include:
  • Silo Installation
  • Equipment Installation
  • Tubing & Fittings Installation
  • Field Inspection & Supervision
  • Silo Repair & Maintenance
  • System Design
  • Foundation Design and Installation
  • Start-up & Training
Services are available throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.
We install what we sell. We provide complete foundation loading (static and dynamic
Image: Coast Equipment provides static and dynamic foundation loading loads), allowing for the development of a properly designed foundation.
Additionally, based on the foundation loads generated, Coast can
provide you with a quote for foundation design based on a given
set of conservative parameters. Once a soils report has been
generated, the foundation design can be finalized and stamped
by a PE from any state. We can also provide you with a quote for
complete foundation installation. From excavation through anchor
bolt placement and finishing, we can provide quality local contractor
service by experienced professionals.
Our experienced start-up team knows the importance of training your employees, so we incorporate our team into the start-up process in a very hands-on way. This will ensure your employees fully understand the system before we turn it over to you.
Our services are available for new installations, retrofits or when moving your operations to a new location.
Our services are backed by a one year warranty.
E-mail or call 302-337-3778 today to get a quote for your service and installation needs.